Dr Peyton and his office are so amazing. I think he's the best in town. He's the one you know for sure won't do something unnecessary to you just so he can make money and he doesn't overcharge your insurance so you have to pay the difference. They all are so professional and nice. Once I forgot about my appointment (even though they reminded me by mail and phone) so they told me to come in anyways and watched after my 10 month old while I was in a chair. What a service! I've heard some of his clients travel from LA. Not a surprise to me, I'd do the same


Dr. Peyton took great care of my father, who is 78 and had a broken tooth that became infected. He took extreme caution to his medical history and current situation and referred us to a surgeon. By the way, Heather at front desk was able to get us in the same day I called and answered all my questions. Everyone was extremely considerate and professional. Think I found my new dentist.


I had put off going to the dentist fearing the worst. The last time I had been was 4 years ago (I also had chronic health issues & was bedridden). I finally decided to go and at least get a cleaning. I cannot say enough how professional the staff was & how pleasant my experience was. Dr. Peyton has the very latest equipment in dental technology and he also is very knowledgeable about the latest techniques. My experience was relatively painless, only a "pinch" after the local anesthetic was applied. Then it was smooth sailing, PAIN FREE, and our entire family of 5 go to Dr. Peyton now. I highly recommend Dr. Peyton. Don't put it off, call today. I know I am glad I did!


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